Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – WO DC-8-63CF


DC-8 Jet Collection




Color Scheme: Delivery

Registration: N100WA

Composition: A
Douglas Factory Style Polished Aluminum Model made by Gary

Dimensions: Length:
44" (112cm), Wingspan 35" (89cm)

Condition: Excellent

Model History: The
blank for this model was made for me by my friend Gary Field using
a pattern from an Original Douglas Factory DC-8-61 Fuselage &
Original Douglas Factory DC-8-62 Wing which I had. In my 30+ years
of collecting I have yet to find an Original Douglas Factory Polished
Aluminum DC-8-63 Finished Model or blank that could be refinished
(though I do know that some were made). Thus when Gary agreed
to make this blank for me I was Very Happy & Relieved because
2 of the 44 Original Delivery Customers flew Only the DC-8-63(CF)
and they were World Airways & American Flyers Airline. To
reach my goal of collecting a large scale metal DC-8 model of
each of the 44 Original Delivery Customers I had to have at least
2 DC-8-63s. In another stroke of luck, I had acquired 1 set of
decals of each of these two airlines back in 1973 from Marketing
Aids (Model Maker For Douglas/McDonnell Do

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