Fred Cox PropLiner Collection

Western Air Lines Douglas DC-3

1/72 Scale

  • Color Scheme: Final Colors
  • Registration: NC2303H
  • Composition: One Piece Metal
  • Dimensions: Length: 10.5″ (27cm), Wingspan 15.5″ (39.5cm)
  • Condition: Excellent

Model History:

I acquired this model from a private collector on December 30, 2005. Though the seller said it was made by Matthys M. Verkuyl, I’m not so sure. It doesn’t have a Verkuyl sticker on it but it does have a casting number of 00500 on the underside. It is an older model as evidenced by the yellowed paint (which doesn’t show up in these pictures) but who knows just how old. Nevertheless, I think it is a nice rendering of the venerable DC-3 and it is in my old employer’s livery so I’m very happy to have this model in my collection.

Update – February 6, 2006: Thanks to my collecting friend Fernand Van de Plas from Belgium I now know more about the origin of this model. Please see his note below.

“Hello, Fred,

For your information. Like you mentioned indeed this model is not from Verkuyl origin. In fact, it’s a Belgian made ID model from the early fifties made for the Belgian Forces in Cold War days. Almost all military and civil a/c were made by this unknown firm (I never traced down any name) in matt black finish without stand on 1/72. They are well made and nowadays difficult to obtain. The Brussels Aircraft Museum has several examples on show.

I have in my collection the same model but in homemade Air Congo livery. The early jets like the DC-8 I never saw in this range. So probably they ended production around 1955. All the best and happy collecting, Fernand Van de Plas – Belgium”

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