Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – WA 747-147

Fred Cox

DC-8 Jet Collection

Western Airlines


1/100 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery Colors (Proposed)

Registration: N74700

Composition: Solid One Piece Plastic

Dimensions: Length: 27.5″ (70.5cm), Wingspan 23.5″ (60.5cm)

History: This Model Was Evidently Produced by the Boeing Model
Shop (or Possibly Pacific Miniatures) and Presented to Western Management
in the Effort to Sell Them The 747. Western Later Chose The McDonnell
Douglas DC-10 Instead and, of course, Changed Their Paint Scheme
to the "Flying W" Scheme. I Purchased This From A Collector
Friend and Received it on December 20, 2001. I don’t usually collect
"Proposed" or "Fantasy Scheme" Type Models but
couldn’t resist this because I worked for Western for many years.

Condition: Very Good


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