Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – KL DC-8F-55 Cutaway


DC-8 Jet Collection

Royal Dutch Airlines

Cutaway Model

1/50 Scale



Color Scheme: Second

Registration: PH-DCJ

Composition: One
Piece Aluminum Cutaway Model by M.M. Verkuyl

Dimensions: Length:
36.5″ (93cm), Wingspan 34″ (86cm)

Condition: Paint
& decals are in excellent condition. There is a crack in the
metal where the wing attaches to the fuselage. This crack occurred
where the two are naturally (or normally) attached and fortunately
it does not go though completely. Thus the model is still solid,
in one piece, and can be displayed either on its stand or at "ground
level" with the ground equipment.

Model History: My
Fellow Collector Friend, Ferry van der Geest who is a Captain
for KLM, found this old and rare model of the DC-8F "Jet
Trader" in April 2004. It was made in the mid to late 1960s
by Matthys M. Verkuyl in Holland. Though Mr. Verkuyl made many
DC-8 Passenger Cutaway Models, he made only a few of these Cargo
Cutaway Models. Being a collector himself, especially for KLM
Models, Ferry could have easily kept this model for his own collection
but he very generously passed this on to me – knowing my love
for the DC-8. In addition Ferry took on the formidable task of
having a suitable shipping crate made, very carefully packing
it up and then sending it over here from Amsterdam (on KLM of
course). I received it on November 30, 2004. Ferry,
Thank You for Your Generosity in acquiring this Wonderful Old
DC-8 Model for me and ensuring that it arrived here safely!
truly honored to have this in my collection!

FYI – Mr. Verkuyl
not only made the model and stand but he also made the Ground
Equipment, Cargo Pallets & even a couple of KLM Ramp Agents
– all which accompanied the model. Mr. Verkuyl Was A Fine, Fine
Artist & Model Maker and his Incredible Level of Craftsmanship
Are Sorely Missed in today’s world of mass produced, machine made
aircraft model replicas.

DC-8 History:
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, NV,
better known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, is the oldest airline
in the world which is still operating under it’s original name.
KLM began services in 1919 and has had a long history of innovation
which has advanced the world’s airline industry and this legacy
remained true with the Douglas DC-8. KLM not only operated it’s
own large fleet of DC-8s (most of them Factory Delivered) but
was also instrumental in assisting several other airlines around
the world in establishing their DC-8 services and insuring that
they were up to international safety and service standards. These
airlines that KLM assisted, including financial assistance through
operating leases, included Philippine Airlines, Garuda Indonesian
Airlines, VIASA (Venezolana Internacional de Aviacion SA) &
Martinair Holland. If you look at KLM’s Fleet Count you will see
the extensive interactions & influence that they had with
these 4 airlines.
Throughout their long history KLM has
maintained a close working relationship with Douglas & McDonnell
Douglas from the early DC-2 through the final MD-11. KLM was a
big supporter of the DC-8 & was the First Foreign Airline
introduce the DC-8 Series 30 (a DC-8-32), and the -Very- First
Airline introduce the DC-8-50 Fan Jet (a DC-8-53) & the DC-8
Super 63 – Long Range, High Capacity Stretch Fan Jet. Today, KLM
continues to be one of the world’s premier airlines and although
they are under a lot of pressure with the advent of worldwide
airline deregulation & consolidation, they will hopefully
not only survive but thrive and never loose that Dutch Hospitality.
Click Here to See KLM’s DC-8
Fleet Information

Here to View a Photo of the Actual Aircraft
* Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a photo of KLM’s
DC-8F-55 but I did this KLM/Montreal International Airport Post
Card which has a nice view of KLM’s ‘DC-8 Jet Trader.’
If anyone has a good photo of this aircraft and would allow it
to be displayed on this web site, with proper credit to the photographer,
I would Greatly Appreciate It!
Please email
me at:

If you would like
to see some other KLM Models with Different Liveries & DC-8
Types please click on the links below. The Livery I don’t have
a model in is the Third Livery (Around 1970) with horizontal blue
stripes down the fuselage (similar to the second livery) &
a white tail with KLM Logo (similar to the final livery). Someday,
I hope to find a KLM DC-8 model with this Third Livery.

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