Background history of DC-8Jet

After World War II Douglas had a position within the aviation market, Boeing had pointed out the way into the contemporary all-metal airliner in 1933. However, Douglas made aviation possible.

Douglas produced a series of piston-engined aircraft (DC-2, dc 3, DC 4, dc 5, DC-6, and dc7 ) throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Douglas believed you should not rush to anything After p Havilland flew the first jet airliner in 1949.

It had been a victory. However, it had been grounded after fatal crashes in 1954 and 1953. This Comet crashes’ cause had nothing it had been an immediate metal fatigue collapse in corners of those windows caused by biking cottage pressures and rear.

The knowledge of metal fatigue which the Comet analysis produced would engage in an essential role in following types’ security record . [citation Wanted ] stayed those aircraft manufacturers’ very best. They’d nearly 300 orders on hand to its successor and its. The disasters and also the air companies’ absence of fascination with jets did demonstrate that the intellect of these sticking.