Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – DAC DC-8-40F – Proposed

Aircraft Corporation

DC-8-40F Jet Trader

1/72 Scale

Color Scheme: Passenger/Freighter Combination Proposal
in Ship One Colors

Registration: N8008D

Composition: Douglas Factory
Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 24.5″ (62cm), Wingspan 23.5″ (60cm)

Condition: Near Mint

Model History: I believe this was produced in the late 1950s/early
1960s by the Douglas Aircraft Model Shop. I Acquired it on May
25, 2005 from my fellow collector & friend Steve Spatz and
co-own it with another collector friend & anonymous partner.
Many thanks to Steve for selling me & my partner these 3 Great
DC-8 Proposal Models!

History of the DC-8 Jet Trader:
In 1960 Douglas
began proposing to the airlines a new version of the DC-8 (initially
called the DC-8A) which would be a combination passenger / freighter.
The freight would be carried in the forward section of the aircraft
with reinforced floors, plugged windows, a cargo loading/unloading
system and a large cargo door for easy loading & unloading.
In the rear section of the aircraft there would be a standard
passenger section. Douglas renamed this the "Jet Trader"
in 1961 when authorization was received to build a prototype aircraft.
The model above represents an early proposed version of the DC-8A
aka Jet Trader in which there was to be a fixed bulkhead
(near the trailing edge of the wing where the unplugged windows
began) which would separate the cargo from the passengers. The
forward cargo compartment would be designed to carry up to 32,000
pounds or 14, 515 kilograms of air freight and the passenger compartment
would carry up to 54 economy class passengers (with two "cabin
crew." This proposed version would be offered with either
Rolls Royce Conway Fan Jet Engines (as depicted on this model
above) -or- the "new" Pratt & Whitney JT3D Turbofan
Engines. This Proposal of the Jet Trader was not the one chosen
for production because of the limitations of the fixed bulkhead.
Also, as a point of interest, the Rolls Royce Conway Engines were
never chosen for any of the Jet Traders. In the next month or
so I will be displaying a model of the "winning" proposal
of the Jet Trader and all the specifics for it. Overall the Jet
Trader was a big success for Douglas and was continued through
to the larger DC-8 Super Sixties Aircraft which were later produced.
It was brilliant of Donald Douglas Sr. to recognize the potential
of the emerging Air Cargo market in addition to the growing passenger
market and then to have a combination passenger/cargo aircraft
to take advantage of both of these markets. This new CF (Convertible
Freighter – as it is also known as) version was a great addition
to the all passenger and all freight airliners of the day.

Click Here to View
a Photo Diagram of the Proposed Aircraft

Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To Terry Waddington
& Doulgas Aircraft



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