Aviation is a promising career for the budding aspirants in the current scenario. India is marking itself as the top among countries in terms of aviation. The development of airports and importing of aircraft from other countries point to the golden chances that wait for candidates who wish to make a career in the aviation sector. An aircraft maintenance engineering course, which deals with maintenance and repairing aircraft and airplanes, is an excellent choice for them.

Who is an AME?

An AME or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a technician who ensures the airworthiness or the safety flying of airplanes and helicopters. They have to keep the working order through continuous maintenance, troubleshoot, repair, and inspection. Aircraft should be maintained regularly for its efficiency and safety. Aircraft maintenance engineers are directly working under the supervision of Aeronautical engineers for all maintenance and fitting.
An AME is responsible for checking the system on the airplane and helicopters during the flights and also during the landing to ensure the safety of the aircraft. They have to equally do the repairs on an emergency and formal basis, troubleshooting problems, conduct inspections, and upgrading it properly.

Job description and qualification

As mentioned above, an AME needs to keep the updates on the airworthiness regularly; they are highly trained and licensed, just like the pilots.

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a two year licensed program completely under the regulation of the Government of India. The authorized person will be able to work in the government sector as well as the private sector at the national or international level.

The process for getting admission in government-approved AME institutions in India is to clear the national level Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET). The student will be able to join the top-ranked aircraft maintenance engineering colleges across India according to their performance in this standard admission test.

The essential qualification is higher secondary education with science as mainstream or candidates with engineering degree or BSC in physics/chemistry/maths are eligible for the course.

Is it right to choose AME as a career? Scope of AME in India

The answer is yes. Why is it essential to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? The answer is quite impressive because of the acceptance level of the job profile internationally. The AME technician is considered as the backbone of the industry of Aviation, and it makes them one of the highest-paid employees across the world. In India, the pay scale of an AME will be around 7 to 8 lakhs per annum on an average pay scale. According to the experience level, the remuneration will be varied. Sounds pretty awesome.

India leads among the developing countries, and we are pretty ahead in the list of countries with a faster development in the aviation industry. The number of commercial aircraft owned and ordered by the Government of India shows a considerable hike, and so the demand for maintenance engineers will be in pinnacle, indeed.

Newly launched UDAN scheme provides career scope for aircraft maintenance engineers in India. According to some resources, the number of air passengers is about 25%. This scheme makes airfare much affordable to ordinary people, and thus the number of passengers will be increasing drastically that ensues the career boost of maintenance engineers.

Also, the central government implemented the National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) – 2016 to create an ecosystem to make flying affordable, just like the UDAN scheme. NCAP highlights India to be positioned among the top level in terms of the aviation market by 2020. Significant growth in the aviation sector will turn up to promote tourism, investment, and employment. The rise in the number of aircraft means an increase in the name of its maintenance.

After receiving the license, the maintenance professionals will be able to explore different job opportunities in the aviation industry in airports and aircraft manufacturing or maintenance companies in both the public and private sectors with a high package of salary.

They can also find their space in the field of defense as it consists of fighter jets. If the candidate is interested in teaching, he or she can join as a professor in aircraft maintenance in the particular engineering colleges or can do scholarship or research. Other career options are senior system engineer, Senior Aircraft technician, Technical service engineer (aircraft interior), Aircraft designing, and supervisor in the manufacturing of aircraft.

Some of the top recruiters of AME

  • Air India
  • Jet Airways
  • Indigo
  • Vistara
  • Air Asia India
  • Spice Jet
  • Taj Air
  • Titan Aviation
  • Pinnacle Air
  • Blue dart aviation
  • Ventura air connect
  • HAL

In short, the career opportunities under AME will always shine brighter and better as the flying vehicles cannot be stopped, and they still need maintenance. As mentioned above, the scope for aircraft maintenance engineers in India is spread across a wide range, including research, fellowship, teaching, and internships. AME license is internationally valid, and the skilled candidates can work abroad also. The prominent matter to consider is to join one of the well-qualified aircraft maintenance engineering colleges for the studies. So what are you waiting for? Say welcome to the shining career in aircraft maintenance. Let your dreams fly like them.

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