Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – BN DC-8-62 Orange




1/72 Scale

Color Scheme: Alexander
Calder Scheme

Registration: N1805

Composition: A
Refinished Douglas Factory Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length:
26″ (66cm), Wingspan 24.75″ (63cm)

Condition: Mint

Model History: I
believe this was produced in the early to mid 1960s by the Douglas
Aircraft Model Shop. I Acquired it on May 25, 2005 from a fellow
collector. It was finished in a "hybrid" Douglas livery
of the DC-8-62. This hybrid livery
had an all white fuselage, wings & engines with "Douglas
DC-8-62" Titles on the fuselage & tail. It looked very
much like the Original DC-8 "Ship One" Livery but the
actual DC-8-62 never flew in this livery. It may have
been finished this way as an early proposal model for the Super
62. After much thought I decided to have the model refinished
in the Braniff Calder Scheme. I had hoped to find a large scale
model of the Calder DC-8 but have never found one available for
purchase. Thus, on May 22, 2006 I sent this model, numerous pictures,
drawings & very detailed instructions on how the
Calder DC-8 should be painted to Airborne Replicas to be repainted
in the Philippines. This model was the last metal model I had
to send to the folks at Airborne and by far required
the most detailed work to make it correctly and they certainly
came through for me! When I received it back on February 22, 2007
I was amazed at how well they did this model! Adding a Large Scale
Braniff Calder DC-8-62 Definitely Was a Dream Come True!

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