Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – USAF AWACS DC-8-63F

Fred Cox

DC-8 Jet Collection



1/72 Scale

Color Scheme: Proposed – Prototype Colors

Registration: None

Composition: Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model – Revised
For Addition of Antennas, Dome, etc.

Dimensions: Length: 30.5″ (78cm), Wingspan 24.5″ (62cm)

History: Produced in the mid 1960s – probably by Marketing Aids
(Subcontractor for Douglas for Models) or Pacific Miniatures. This
was a proposal to the USAF who never actually bought the aircraft.
It was shipped to me in it’s original shipping container. On the
outside of the container was a shipping label dated 22Sep1966 from
Douglas Aircraft in Washington DC (probably the Lobbyist Office
for Douglas) to the Douglas General Offices in Long Beach. After
losing the contract to Boeing I assume they were returning the model
back to the main offices. Acquired on March 5, 2002 from a private

Condition: Mint


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