Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – UA DC-8-21 Cutaway

Fred Cox

DC-8 Jet Collection

United Airlines

1/24 Scale

Full View – Port Side

Cockpit Views: Captain’s Side Plus Co-Pilot’s & Flight
Engineer’s Side

Class Lounge & Flight Attendant’s Jump Seat (2 Views)

First Class Section

Rear First Class Section

Forward Coach Section

Rear Coach Section

Coach Lounge

Forward Lavatories Plus Rear Flight Attendant’s Jumpseat
& Lavatories

Full View – Starboard Side

Color Scheme: Final Colors


Configuration: 40 First Class Plus A First Class Lounge

Coach Plus a Coach Class Lounge

Composition: Fiberglass, Plastic,
Ceramic, Metal, Cloth & Plexiglass.

Dimensions: Length: 75"
(190 cm), Wingspan: 72" (183 cm)

History: Produced in the late
1950s or early 1960s by an Unknown Company. It Stands on a Stainless Steel Floor
Stand and Can Be Pivoted To Most Any Position on it’s Swivel. It is Fully Lighted
From the Cockpit Area Through The Rear Lavatories. It was Originally Painted in
United’s DC-8 Delivery Colors and Displayed in United’s Sales Offices. United
Subsequently Painted It In Their Final Colors Before Retiring Their DC-8-21’s
(and Thus This Model). I Acquired it on July 19, 2002 from Roger
Who Was Very Generous In Selling Me This Wonderful Piece of United’s
History! I Am Also Grateful To My Partner Bob For Fixing The Lighting, My Friend
Lenny For Helping Me With Some Replacement Parts, My Mother For Helping Me With
Some Minor Restoration and Finally My Friend Frank Samba Who Encouraged Me About
This Model From The Beginning.

Condition: Exterior: Good || Interior:


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