Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – SWA DC-8F-55

Fred Cox
DC-8 Jet Collection

1/50 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery Colors

Registration: N801SW

Composition: A Refinished Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 35.5″ (91cm), Wingspan 34″ (86cm)

Condition: Near Mint

Model History: The model blank and decals were produced by Marketing Aids (subcontractor for Douglas) in the 1960s. I acquired them separately from two different private collectors in 2001 & 2002. This was then Beautifully Refinished by my friend Jim Powroznik (James Powroznik Custom Models), Clovis, CA. and I Picked It Up on December 20, 2002. Once Again Jim Thanks For The Outstanding Work!

Seaboard World’s DC-8 History: Seaboard & Western Airlines was founded on September 16, 1946 and began operations on May 10, 1947 using a single Douglas DC-4. It was the first private freight airline to begin transatlantic freight charters to Europe. The company continued to grow in the 1950s with additional Douglas DC-4s and Lockheed Constellations. In 1961 the company began replacing the Constellations with the Canadair CL-44 and changed it’s name to Seaboard World Airlines. In 1964 Seaboard World took delivery of it’s first jet – a factory delivery of a Douglas DC-8-55JT – Jet Trader (aka DC-8F-55). During the remainder of the 1960s Seaboard World expanded it’s fleet with both DC-8F-55s Jet Traders and Super DC-8-63CFs (Convertible Freighters) – 14 of which were Factory Delivered and another 19 DC-8F-54 & 55s, Super DC-8-61CFs and Super DC-8-63CFs which were bought or leased on the used aircraft market. Click Here to See Seaboard World’s DC-8 Fleet Information. During the 1960s and 1970s Seaboard experienced a large expansion of routes to Europe from the USA as well as Military Airlift Command charters for the US Military between the USA and Viet Nam. In addition, Seaboard World flew their jet freighters for other airlines under contract as well as leased their aircraft to some other airlines to operate themselves. Click Here To See Air Bahama DC-8-63CF Model & History – which was leased from Seaboard World. You can see, in the Seaboard World DC-8 Fleet Count Remarks, the Large Number of Very Complicated Purchases, Leases, Subleases & Sales of DC-8s that Seaboard World Transacted with both their Factory Delivered DC-8s and Used DC-8s. In 1979 Tiger International, the parent company of Flying Tiger Line, acquired the majority of shares in Seaboard World and merged the two air freight companies in 1980. Flying Tiger Line was the name used for the combined company and thus Seaboard World Airlines ceased to exist in September, 1980. Click Here To See Flying Tigers DC-8-61AF Model & History.

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Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To: AIRLINERS.NET and Photographer Steve Williams.

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