Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – Saturn DC-8-61CF


DC-8 Jet Collection


1/50 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery Colors

Registration: N8955U

Composition: Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 45" (114cm), Wingspan 34" (86cm)

Condition: Excellent

History: I Obtained This DC-8-61 Blank From A Fellow Collector
in December 1992. It Was Beautifully Finished Off in Saturn Airways
Colors by Atlantic
, Miami, Florida and delivered back to me on March 23,
2005. The folks at Atlantic did a Great Job of Finishing Off This
Model using a Set of Very Old Decals. Unfortunately,
during transit the tail of the model received some damage which
I did my best to correct.

DC-8 History:
The origin of Saturn Airways dates back to
1948 with the founding of All American Airways. All American used
Curtis C-46 Commando aircraft to fly civil freight charters and
US Military contract work. In 1960 the company changed their name
to Saturn Airways and added the larger & longer range DC-6B
aircraft to its fleet. In 1963 Saturn added Douglas DC-7s to the
fleet in anticipation of being granted the route certificate (authority)
to fly transatlantic charter flights (distances that were greater
than the DC-6 was designed to fly nonstop). The European charter
flights began in 1964. In late 1965 Saturn acquired AXXICO Airlines,
aka American Air Export & Import, and thus gained another
base of operations in Miami as well as Oakland, California. In
the mid-1960s Saturn continued to grow with the acquisition of
the Lockheed C-130 Hercules which enabled them to retire the older
C-46, DC-6 & DC-7 equipment as well as expand their operations.
Saturn entered the jet age in December 1967 with the Factory Delivery
their first DC-8-61CF aircraft. The versatile DC-8 combination
passenger/freighter enabled Saturn to expand their passenger and
freight charters simultaneously. Saturn’s second DC-8-61CF aircraft
was Factory Delivered in January 1968. In addition Saturn leased
a DC-8F-54 & DC-8F-55 in the late 1960s. Click
Here to See Saturn’s DC-8 Fleet Information.
Saturn entered
the decade of the 1970s with their fleet of DC-8s which handled
most of their passenger & military charter work. In addition
they began taking delivery of Lockheed L-100 Hercules aircraft
to supplement the DC-8s in handling air freight. In 1972 Saturn
acted quickly to take over a Military Airlift Command (MAC) contract,
and 9 Lockheed L-188 Electra’s associated with it, from bankrupt
Universal Airlines. Click Here to See
a Universal Airlines DC-8-61CF Model.
By 1976 Saturn Airways
itself was being sought after by the Trans America Corporation.
Thus on 11/30/76 Saturn was merged into Trans America’s – Trans
International Airlines (TIA). The merged carrier, later renamed
Trans America Airlines, became the largest air freight & charter
operator in the world during that time. Click
Here to See a Trans International Airlines DC-8-61CF Model.

Here to View a Photo of the Actual Aircraft

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Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To: AIRLINERS.NET
and Photographer Art Brett.



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