Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – PA DC-8-33

Fred Cox
DC-8 Jet Collection



1/72 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery Colors

Registration: N800PA, "Jet Clipper Queen of the Pacific"

Composition: An Original Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 24.5″ (62cm), Wingspan 23.5″ (60cm)

Condition: Near Mint

MODEL HISTORY: Produced in the late 1950s by the Douglas Aircraft Model Shop. Acquired on July 19, 1973 directly from the McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

Pan American’s DC-8 History: Pan American World Airways, the Flag Carrier of the United States, started off the "jet race" here in the USA on October 13, 1955 by ordering 25 Douglas DC-8s and 20 Boeing 707s. They in effect "hedged their bets" by ordering aircraft from both companies and would later standardize it’s fleet on one of the two – that being the Boeing 707. Pan Am wound up taking delivery on 19 of the 25 original DC-8 orders. Two remaining six DC-8s from the original Pan Am order were sold to Panair do Brasil (a Pan Am subsidiary) and the other 4 orders went to Pan American-Grace (another Pan Am Subsidiary). Pan American flew its own DC-8s from 1960 to 1970. Click Here to See Pan American’s DC-8 Fleet Information. However, even after Pan Am retired the DC-8s from their fleet you could still seem them flying in the USA and Europe well into the 1970s. This is because Pan Am had sold 7 of its DC-8-33s to Delta Air Lines and these were used by the two airlines on Interchange Services from the USA to Europe. Delta Crews manned them within the USA to and from Washington’s Dulles Airport. From Dulles Airport Pan American Crews took them over and flew them on to Europe and back. It really shows the strength of Pan American, during this time period, that they could require that their name remain on these 7 DC-8s for the Interchange Services – even though Delta now owned them and used them for not just these Interchange Services but for other Delta flights as well. Of course, once the interchange agreement was terminated, these airplanes were painted in full Delta Colors. Pan American also operated a joint service with Braniff International to South America in 1970-1971 using one of Braniff’s DC-8-62’s. Once again, Pan Am ensured that this aircraft would be painted in full Pan American colors.

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Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To: AIRLINERS.NET and Photographer Lars Söderström.

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