Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – Finnair DC-8-62CF

Fred Cox
DC-8 Jet Collection


1/72 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery Colors

Registration: OH-LFR

Composition: An Original Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 26″ (66cm), Wingspan 24.75″ (63cm)

Condition: Very Good

Model History: Since May 13, 2004 I’ve had a Finnair DC-8-62CF Model at 1/50 Scale which Airborne Replicas did a Beautiful Job in Refinishing from an original Douglas Factory/Marketing Aids unfinished blank. However, I am always looking for Douglas Factory Models which are Completely Original, including the airline livery from the 1960s. Luckily, I was contacted on February 10th, 2008 by a gentlemen who had found this Finnair DC-8-62CF at 1/72 scale and it is all original. Lucky Burton, who found this model at an estate sale in the Los Angeles area, contacted me to find out if I was interested in buying it and I sent him an offer. Fortunately we were able to come to an agreement and I flew down to LAX to pick-up the model. I feel very fortunate to add this rare model to my collection! Most of Finnair’s DC-8-62 (and DC-9) models were made by a company in Finland named "Nifty" and they did a fine job on them, though they are not quite as precise & detailed as the Douglas Factory models. [If you would like to see a DC-8-62 model made by Nifty, originally in Finnair livery but was refinished as an Air Jamaica DC-8-62 due to the Finnair livery being worn off, please check it out on the ‘Large Scale Metal Models’ page, near the bottom.] Since Nifty had made the models for Finnair I doubted that there were any original Douglas models around but Lucky proved me wrong. He found this model at the estate sale in a box with 3 other plastic models in the back of the garage and was able to buy the lot of 4 models for a very reasonable price. I paid him a good price for the model and we were both very happy with the transaction. Thank You Again Lucky Burton for contacting me & allowing me to buy this great model!

Finnair’s DC-8 History: The origin of Finnair, the Flag Carrier of Finland, dates back to November 1, 1923 with the establishment of Aero O/Y which would later become Finnair OY. Prior to the end of World War II, Aero served domestic routes within Finland. In 1947 Aero expanded operations to new international destinations (within Europe) and in 1949 Aero became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and was assigned the two letter airline code of AY which Finnair continues to use to this day. [I always wondered why AY was the code for Finnair but after learning that it was originally assigned to Aero O/Y it now makes more sense.] In 1953 Aero began using the name Finnair for it’s marketing purposes but the name was not officially changed until June 25, 1968. In 1960 Finnair entered the jet age with the introduction of the French Caravelle Jetliner which was used on both scheduled and charter services. Throughout most of the 1960s the Caravelle was well suited for Finnair’s needs but by late in the decade the airline wanted to make the "big jump" across the Atlantic to the USA. To accomplish this goal Finnair chose the Douglas DC-8-62CF (Convertible Freighter) as their first Intercontinental Jetliner. The Ultra Long Range DC-8-62 could easily fly Helsinki to New York with a full load of passengers and/or freight. On May 15, 1969 Finnair became an true Intercontinental Airline with the inaugural of service from Helsinki to New York via Copenhagen and Amsterdam using their new DC-8-62CF. In an all passenger configuration the Finnair DC-8 was configured to 16 First Class & 124 Economy Seating. With a large cargo door located near the front left passenger door, Finnair’s DC-8-62CFs could also carry large cargo pallets in combination with passengers or operate as an all cargo aircraft – depending on whatever the airline’s needs were. Finnair went on to operate 3 DC-8-62CF aircraft and 1 all passenger DC-8-62 aircraft from 1969 to 1985. Click Here to See Finnair’s DC-8 Fleet Information. Finnair’s 3 DC-8-62CF aircraft were later converted to DC-8-72CF aircraft and are now owned by the French Air Force (L’ARMEE DE L’AIR) and are used as troop transport aircraft. Today Finnair continues to proudly serve the needs of the Finnish People with a large domestic and international route network with Helsinki as the main hub of operations.

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Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To: AIRLINERS.NET and Photographer Yrjö Mäkelä.

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