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DC-8 Jet Collection




Color Scheme: Special Livery From 1962 to ?? in All White
Colors (please see information & question below about his

Registration: N807E

Composition: Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 35.5″ (90cm), Wingspan 34″ (86cm)

Condition: Mint

Model History: I bought this original Douglas Factory Blank for
this model from my friend Joon-Ho earlier this year. For quite
some time I’ve wanted a Delta DC-8-51 in their full Delta titles
in a rare all white livery (except for the control surfaces &
engine pylons). I found a set of "full title" Delta
decals and my friend Jim Powroznik did another beautiful job in
finishing it for me – Thanks Jim!

Note & Question About This Livery:
To my knowledge
Delta flew this livery for only a short time and perhaps on just
one DC-8 (N807E). All of the photos and post cards I have of this
all white livery are of N807E but perhaps they painted other DC-8-51s
in this livery as well – I’m not sure. I do know that N807E was
the first factory delivered DC-8-51, in April 1962, and around
this time Delta was in the process of changing their livery to
what we all know and love as the "Widget Livery" – similar
to this one but not all white. All of the previous DC-8s
Series 11/12 were delivered in a distinctive livery that was used
only on these first six DC-8s. Shortly thereafter the
Convair 880s were delivered in another distinctive livery that
was all white. During 1963 the DC-8-11/12 aircraft were converted
to DC-8-51s and at that time were painted in the standard Widget
Livery (but not all white). My question is, was N807E the only
DC-8 that wore the all white "Widget Livery" or did
N808E & N809E, which were also delivered in 1962, also wear
this all white livery? If knows the answer to this please email

DC-8 History:
Delta Air Lines had a long and wonderful
past with the DC-8. Back in the mid to late 1950s when the large
"trunk" carriers were ordering their first pure jet
equipment, Delta made a very smart decision to take over Eastern’s
first six DC-8 delivery slots when Eastern decided to change their
DC-8 order to one with more powerful engines – the DC-8-21. This
enabled Delta to begin their DC-8-11 service several months ahead
of Eastern and on the same date as United. Click Here Both Delta
& United inaugurated their DC-8 services on September 18,
1959. In fact, because United started their first DC-8 flight
San Francisco to New York departing at 8:30AM local west coast
time and Delta started started their first DC-8 flight from New
York to Atlanta departing at 9:20AM local east coast time, Delta
actually holds the record for starting the Very First DC-8
due to the 3 hour difference in east and west coast
time zones. Delta went on to operate a Factory Delivered Fleet
of 21 DC-8-51s (the 6 original DC-8-11s were converted to DC-8-12s
and then to DC-8-51s in the early 1960s) and 13 DC-8-61s. In addition
Delta purchased, on the used aircraft market, 6 DC-8-33s from
Pan American in order to continue the successful Delta/Pan Am
interchange flights between the USA and Europe (since Pan Am was
phasing out the DC-8 during that time). Delta
also purchased "Ship One" N8008D from Trans International
Airlines and utilized it from 1967 to 1979 – thus being the longest
airline operator of the Original DC-8
During the early
to mid 1980s Delta was involved in a very successful effort to
extend the life of the DC-8 Super Sixties Series by reequipping
them with new quiet & very efficient General Electric/SNECMA
(of France) CFM56 engines, a new pressurization system, more advanced
avionics and an auxiliary power unit (APU) for use on the ground
– which eliminated the need for ground power and air start facilities.
These reequipped DC-8s were then designated as the DC-8 Super
Seventy Series and most of these DC-8-71, 72 and 73 aircraft are
still flying today as freighter aircraft. A new company named
Cammacorp was created to work along with McDonnell Douglas in
performing these conversions and/or selling conversion kits for
the airlines to install themselves. Delta’s first DC-8-61 which
was converted to 71 status (N1305L) was performed by Cammacorp
at McDonnell Douglas’ Tulsa Facility. During this first conversion
Delta’s own mechanics were trained to perform the conversions
and not only converted the remaining 12 Delta DC-8-61s but also
performed 36 additional Super Seventy conversions for other airlines.
Of the total of 110 DC-8-70 conversions Delta had performed nearly
half of them (48 total). Finally, what a wonderful testament this
has been about the DC-8’s superior versatility, flexibility and
especially durability! When Douglas designed the DC-8 they had
figured it’s useful life would be about 20 years and that has
now been doubled and is still counting. Click
Here to See Delta’s DC-8 Fleet Information.

Click Here to View a Photo
of the Actual Aircraft

Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To Terry Waddington

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