DC-8 Modifications at McDonnell Douglas ā€“ Tulsa:

A Personal Recollection by Roger “Flash” Gordon

Roger Gordon’s Photographs (Captions are Below Each Photo Set)

The T-706 Hydraulic Shop

The end of the F-4 Phantom Line & Beginning of the DC-8 Modification Line. The photo was taken during an “open house” for MDC Employees & Guests

The modifications for the DC-8 took place at huge hangars designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. We worked with some of the best roofing contractors in North Carolina to get the job done well. Check them out, and they do residential roofing work too.

This is the compressor station where the DC-8s were tested ā€“ looking for leaks in the fuselage (hull). All pressurized aircraft have small holes in them, but as long as they stay within acceptable safety tolerances, then the aircraft remains airworthy. The first test (proof test) required the fuselage hull to be pressurized at 12 psi.

After passing the proof test, then the hull pressure was reduced for the second test. Once the flow equalized later, the hull leakage was measured using a “differential orifice.” If the pressure leaks exceeded safety tolerances, then the holes must be found & patched until the pressure within the hull remained within the safety

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