Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – DL DC-8-51

Fred Cox
DC-8 Jet Collection


1/50 Scale

Color Scheme: All White Livery From 1962 to ?? (Please see information & question below about his livery.)

Registration: N807E

Composition: A Refinished Douglas Factory Polished Aluminum Model

Dimensions: Length: 35.5″ (90cm), Wingspan 34″ (86cm)

Condition: Mint

Model History: I bought this original Douglas Factory Blank for this model from my friend Joon-Ho earlier this year. For quite some time I’ve wanted a Delta DC-8-51 in their full Delta titles in a rare all white livery (except for the control surfaces & engine pylons). I found a set of "full title" Delta decals and my friend Jim Powroznik did another beautiful job in finishing it for me – Thanks Jim!

A Note & Question About This Livery: To my knowledge Delta flew this livery for only a short time and perhaps on just one DC-8 (N807E). All of the photos and post cards I have of this all white livery are of N807E but