Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – AFA DC-8-63CF

DC-8 Jet Collection




Color Scheme: Delivery

Registration: N80000

Composition: A
Douglas Factory Style Polished Aluminum Model made by Gary

Dimensions: Length:
44" (112cm), Wingspan 35" (89cm)

Condition: Excellent

Model History: The
blank for this model was made for me by my friend Gary Field using
a pattern from an Original Douglas Factory DC-8-61 Fuselage &
Original Douglas Factory DC-8-62 Wing which I had. In my 30+ years
of collecting I have yet to find an Original Douglas Factory Polished
Aluminum DC-8-63 Finished Model or blank that could be refinished
(though I do know that some were made). Thus when Gary agreed
to make two of these blanks for me I was Very Happy & Relieved
because 2 of the 44 Original Delivery Customers flew Only
the DC-8-63(CF) and they were World Airways & American Flyers
Airline. Thus, to reach my goal of collecting a large scale
metal DC-8 model
of each of the 44 Original Delivery Customers
I had to have at least 2 DC-8-63s. In another stroke of luck,
I had acquired 1 set of decals of each of these two airlines back
in 1973 from Marketing Aids (Model Maker For Douglas/McDonnell
Douglas). I gave these very old (and wrinkled) decals and the
model blank to my friend Jim Powroznik (James Powroznik Custom
Models), Clovis, CA. and He Beautifully Refinished It for me –
which is Really Amazing – considering the decal’s condition. I
picked it up from Jim on August 9, 2003. Gary,
Thank You For Making It Possible To Complete My Collection by
Making These Blanks For Me!
Again, Jim Thanks For Your Outstanding Refinishing Work!

Flyers Airline’s DC-8 History:
My knowledge of the history
of American Flyers is limited. Here is what I do know. American
Flyers Airline (AFA) dates back to at least 1960 and possibly
earlier. They were categorized as a "non scheduled"
or "supplemental" airline who flew passengers and/or
air freight on a charter basis – usually on a one time basis (or
a few times at most). From 1960 to 1967 AFA utilized a small fleet
of Lockheed Constellations & Electra’s for their operations.
AFA entered the jet age in 1967 & 1968 with the introduction
of 3 Boeing 727-100C aircraft. In May 1969 AFA leased two Douglas
DC-8-63CF (Convertible Passenger/Freighters) from Flying Tiger
Line to further expand their services, while waiting for two brand
new Douglas DC-8-63CF aircraft to be Factory Delivered by Douglas.
Once their two brand new DC-8s had been delivered in April &
May 1970 AFA then returned the leased DC-8s back to Flying Tiger
Click Here to See
American Flyer’s DC-8 Fleet Information.
American Flyers Airline
was bought out by fellow competitor Universal Airlines on May
25, 1971 and their two DC-8-63CF aircraft were sold to Flying
Tiger Line in June & September, 1971. Ironically, Universal
Airlines went out of business in May, 1972 and fellow competitor
Saturn Airways acquired some of Universal’s assets and Military
Airlift Contract. Saturn Airways lasted four more years until
being bought out by Trans International Airlines in December,
1976. Talk about a "dog eat dog" or should I say "airline
eat airline
" world in the supplemental airline business
and this all took place prior to airline deregulation in
the USA in 1978! Also, each one of these airlines was a Factory
Delivery Customer of the DC-8 so you can check out each of their
individual histories by ‘clicking’ on a model of their aircraft
and/or selecting that airline from the ‘Original Factory Delivery
Customer’ list.

Update – April 15, 2004:
In answer to my request for additional
information about American Flyers Airline – AFA Flight Attendant
Susan Moore has been very generous in providing me with more details
and a few photos as well. Please
click here to see her account of working for AFA from 1967-1969.

If anyone else would like to share your memories of working for
AFA and/or any other historical information please email me at:

Here to View a Photo of the Actual Aircraft

Photo Courtesy Of & Many Thanks To Douglas Aircraft
& Terry Waddington



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