Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection – ACO DC-8-63CF

Fred Cox

DC-8 Jet Collection



1/50 Scale

Color Scheme: Delivery

Registration: 9Q-CLG

Composition: A Douglas Factory Style Polished Aluminum Model made by Gary Field

Dimensions: Length:
44" (112cm), Wingspan 35" (89cm)

Condition: Excellent

Model History: The
blank for this model was made for me by my friend Gary Field using
a pattern from an Original Douglas Factory DC-8-61 Fuselage &
Original Douglas Factory DC-8-62 Wing which I had. In my 30+ years
of collecting I have yet to find an Original Douglas Factory Polished
Aluminum DC-8-63 Finished Model or blank that could be refinished
(though I do know that some were made). Thus when Gary agreed
to make two of these blanks for me I was Very Happy & Relieved
because 2 of the 44 Original Delivery Customers flew Only
the DC-8-63(CF) and they were World Airways & American Flyers
Airline. Thus, to reach my goal of collecting a large scale
metal DC-8 model
of each of the 44 Original Delivery Customers
I had to have at least 2 DC-8-63s. To my good fortune Gary made
me not only 2 but 1 extra DC-8-63 blank as well, so I could use
it for one last set of DC-8-63 decals I had acquired back in 1973
from Marketing Aids (Model Maker For Douglas/McDonnell Douglas).
I gave these very old (and wrinkled) Air Congo decals and the
model blank to my friend Jim Powroznik (James Powroznik Custom
Models), Clovis, CA. and Once Again He Did a Miraculous Job in
Applying Them To This Blank. I picked it up from Jim on August
9, 2003. Gary, Thank You For Making It Possible
To Complete My Collection by Making These Blanks For Me!

Once Again, Jim Thanks For Your Outstanding Refinishing Work!

Congo’s DC-8 History:
Air Congo began services in June
1961 as Congo’s Flag Carrier. The airline was primarily owned
by the Congo Government and Sabena Belgian Airlines and established
a large network of routes within the former Belgian Colony. Also,
routes to Europe from the Congo were jointly operated with Sabena
using a Boeing 707 in the early 1960s. By the late 1960s Air Congo
had split off with Sabena and had purchased two DC-8-33s from
Pan American and established a technical support agreement with
the carrier. In 1970 & 1971 two DC-8-63CF aircraft were Factory
Delivered from Douglas to be used for long haul passenger and
cargo operations. On October 25, 1971 Air Congo was renamed Air
Zaire to go along with the name change of the country. Air Zaire
continued to operate the DC-8, using the same registration numbers
as Air Congo, until the aircraft’s retirement in 1992. Sadly,
at the end of 1994, Air Zaire went bankrupt and ceased all operations.

Click Here to See Air Congo’s
DC-8 Fleet Information.

Here to View a Photo of the Actual Aircraft

Card of an Early Depiction of the Air Congo DC-8-63CF
(Notice the engine logos which are not present
on the actual aircraft.)



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