My DC-8 Story

My DC-8 Story The interest in DC-8 developed at an early age (before ten years old). My father was interested in airplanes, and he used to take me to watch the ‘new’ jets take off in Portland, Oregon in the early 1960s. He always loved the Douglas airliners, and this...

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Douglas Aircraft Company

The Douglas Aircraft Company Has Been an Aerospace Manufacturer located in Southern California. Donald Wills Douglas Sr. on July founded the Business 2-2, 1921 after the dissolution of this Davis-Douglas Company, at Santa Monica, California.
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DC-8 Jet Variants

The version had the high-drag wing-tips, and all were switched into DC-8-12 standard. Even the DC-8-12 had slots and also the wing-tips, 3-4 inches long and 80 inches between your motors on each wing inboard...
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DC-8 Early Design Phase

Douglas secretly began jet transport project definition studies in mid-1952. By mid-1953 these had developed into a form similar to the final DC-8; an 80-seat, low-wing aircraft with four Pratt & Whitney JT3C turbojet engines,...
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